Fall Sunrise in Jacksonville Beach | Fine Art Photography & Landscape by KiKi Creates

I remember this day very vividly. Almost a year ago now, and it was one of the very rare mornings that I successfully woke up before the sun.  I bundled up as if I was walking out into the North Pole, grabbed my camera gear, and biked it up to Casa Marina on First Street North in Jacksonville Beach. I had been working on a rather large project with this Historic Hotel documenting the entire property, needless to say, I lived there for three months.

Something about this place was always, perfect. The light seemed to always be in my favor, there was never a bad day of editing of shooting, and the people were so welcoming to myself and my small company with big ideas. Maybe those combined made the project as a whole very fun, rewarding, engaging at most.

But back to my original thought, this day. This gorgeous day, was my last with this project. This was my last rather large job, before I hopped on a plane to my final destination 5,000 miles away from home and my comfortable life I had know for 8 years.

This day reminded me of the beauty Jacksonville Beach has. The area that made me fall in love with the simple yet inspiring beach life so much so, that it pushed me to discover new oceans, landscapes, and life.

A rather important image I must say. Possibly more meaning behind it than the viewer would initially know.

Finally getting her printed and up on canvas for a client today, the final product.

I feel, and hope other photographers agree with me when I say, These moments when you see something that you invision and it comes to life, in your camera. And finally there is a moment where someone else sees what you see and enjoys it so much that they want it printed. And you see your image, in all its glory, printed, hung, displayed for anyone to see, signed with your stamp of approval. Ready for viewing & judgments alike.

That process, is what makes me happiest, is what makes me feel most accomplished.

E Komo Mai


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