Courtney and Braden Ocean City Maryland Wedding | Destination Wedding Photography | KiKi Creates

Courtney and Braden Ocean City Maryland Wedding

Interesting story about how these two met, well at least there first date. It was at Nascar. Nothing Fancy, just the complete enjoyment of each others company at a nice family gathering of Fast Cars & Cheering Fans. I think this first date tells a lot about this couple.  And here is why…

I met Court & Braden about a year or so ago through a friend. They were road tripping throughout the US and stopped in Jacksonville Beach for a few days to visit.

Now off the bat, you can tell there a good looking couple. But once you hang out with them you realize there more than that. They are always laughing, always enjoying the moment, always looking at each other as if its the first time. Always following what they want to do. Together.

All in all a very mellow and happy couple. Probably the most stress free bride I have met. Courtney was the exact opposite of a bridezilla and actually made my job so easy. She hired me within minutes of meeting me and without seeing my work. A girl that knows what she wants.

I didn’t know at the time how much in love they were. But I soon found out as I walked into the Sunset Room the day before the wedding. I met all of there wonderful family & friends, enjoyed the beautiful ocean in Maryland, and instantly felt that this wedding was going to be magical. All because of the details.

Every detail was true to what they were & who they are. From the chandelier made out of chains from an old bike (Braden is into motocross), skateboards made into signs for the reception, the church that Courtney’s parents were married in, the ring box made out of legos from her nephew, the flower arrangements grown & arranged by her mother, the mini cupcakes made by Braden’s mom and the grand finale of riding in on Braden’s bike (Something the Coordinator did not know about) 🙂 Oh and there was a firework finish from one of Braden’s groomsmen right before we all left.

I could honestly go on and on, but you can look at the pictures and see. See that this wedding’s most important details was the two of them. Who are so much in love. And were an absolute blast to work with.

Thanks for a great time.



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