The Merkal Family | Jacksonville Beach Lifestyle Photographer | KiKi Creates

Such A cute Family. Christina & I have been trying to put together a shoot for her family for about 6 months. Our schedules just could not seem to meet….but finally…we went to the zoo! What a perfect location for this family of three (with one expected on the way!)

It took a minute for little Anna Belle to warm up to the camera…and the giraffe. But this adorable little girl had me reminiscing on the photo shoot I did with my family 20 years ago as a child. As she began to trust me more, she would give these intense stares at the camera, that pierced through my lens with her Big Blue Eyes. She became a bundle of Joy! Hugging moms leg, kissing Dad on the nose, jumping around with a huge smile on her face.

She really lit up on the last few minutes, when we put on her fairy outfit. I told her that I have “wear whatever you want days” and I wish I could dress like a fairy one day. She says, “You can! Here is a flower!” We gathered flowers in the daisy field with her little gold shoes on and I couldn’t help but smile and laugh with her. Almost forgetting our hour long shoot turned into and hour and a half. Either way, I had a blast with this great family, glad we finally got to work out a time to meet! Check out all the goodies below!
Merkal Family01 copy Merkal Family04 copy Merkal Family05 copy Merkal Family06 copy Merkal Family08 copy Merkal Family09 copy Merkal Family11 copy Merkal Family12 copy Merkal Family13 copy Merkal Family15 copy Merkal Family17 copy Merkal Family18 copy Merkal Family19 copy Merkal Family21 copy Merkal Family22 copy Merkal Family24 copy Merkal Family25 copy Merkal Family26 copy Merkal Family27 copy Merkal Family30 copy_2 Merkal Family30 copy Merkal Family31 copy Merkal Family32 copy Merkal Family35 copy Merkal Family38 copy Merkal Family39 copy Merkal Family40 copy Merkal Family41 copy Merkal Family46 copy Merkal Family48 copy Merkal Family49 copy Merkal Family50 copy Merkal Family51 copy Merkal Family53 copy


Merkal Family 55

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