LT’s First Birthday Party | KiKi Creates | Jacksonville Beach Lifestyle Photographer

I had the pleasure of not only photographing The Swanson Family at this gorgeous wooded area in Palm valley, ( See Photos Here) but I also was there for There Son, Lt’s (Little Terrell) 1st Birthday Party.

This party was so full of life and fun! I could not help sharing this adorable Sailboat themed Birthday Party in Nocatee, Florida.

LTBirthday_KiKiCreates7 LTBirthday_KiKiCreates9 LTBirthday_KiKiCreates8 LTBirthday_KiKiCreates5 LTBirthday_KiKiCreates4 LTBirthday_KiKiCreates3 LTBirthday_KiKiCreates2 LTBirthday_KiKiCreates264 LTBirthday_KiKiCreates257 LTBirthday_KiKiCreates248 LTBirthday_KiKiCreates247 LTBirthday_KiKiCreates246 LTBirthday_KiKiCreates231 LTBirthday_KiKiCreates226 LTBirthday_KiKiCreates212 LTBirthday_KiKiCreates209 LTBirthday_KiKiCreates197 LTBirthday_KiKiCreates182 LTBirthday_KiKiCreates177 LTBirthday_KiKiCreates174 LTBirthday_KiKiCreates164 LTBirthday_KiKiCreates157 LTBirthday_KiKiCreates155 LTBirthday_KiKiCreates154 LTBirthday_KiKiCreates150 LTBirthday_KiKiCreates136 LTBirthday_KiKiCreates135 LTBirthday_KiKiCreates123 LTBirthday_KiKiCreates117 LTBirthday_KiKiCreates102 LTBirthday_KiKiCreates101 LTBirthday_KiKiCreates100 LTBirthday_KiKiCreates97 LTBirthday_KiKiCreates91 LTBirthday_KiKiCreates84 LTBirthday_KiKiCreates79 LTBirthday_KiKiCreates75 LTBirthday_KiKiCreates73 LTBirthday_KiKiCreates70 LTBirthday_KiKiCreates64 LTBirthday_KiKiCreates62 LTBirthday_KiKiCreates55 LTBirthday_KiKiCreates51 LTBirthday_KiKiCreates50 LTBirthday_KiKiCreates44 LTBirthday_KiKiCreates41 LTBirthday_KiKiCreates39 LTBirthday_KiKiCreates31 LTBirthday_KiKiCreates29 LTBirthday_KiKiCreates27 LTBirthday_KiKiCreates23 LTBirthday_KiKiCreates18 LTBirthday_KiKiCreates15

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