Baby Nova | Jacksonville Beach Newborn Photographer

Baby Nova was absolutely adorable!

Her Grandmother found me through a photo booth I was doing and luckily she lived right on the marsh, so we were able to do photograph outside. Even though it was a cold, it was a beautiful day. And baby Nova was feelin’ being a model.

We even got her in Daddy’s bike helmet at the end.



KiKi Creates on facebook
BabyNova_KiKiCreates06BabyNova_KiKiCreates07 BabyNova_KiKiCreates09 BabyNova_KiKiCreates16 BabyNova_KiKiCreates20 BabyNova_KiKiCreates21 BabyNova_KiKiCreates26 BabyNova_KiKiCreates29 BabyNova_KiKiCreates30 BabyNova_KiKiCreates31 BabyNova_KiKiCreates32

Newborn Photography_KiKiCreates


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