Kadence | Family Portrait in Treaty Oak Park | Lifestyle Photographer KiKi Creates

Kadence was a beautiful little girl that had a lot of energy. Her mother told me she loved the camera, but as all little children do, she shied away from me at first. It took a good few minutes of playing around and gifting her with some flowers for a photo until she started working with me. The fact that we picked Treaty Oak Park as our location helped tremendously. The light and levels of the trees, alongside the giant area for her to play and goof around in made for a perfect session on a spring day.

I will have an interview coming out soon on my techniques as a children’s photographer. I have found that most of the time the camera isn’t everything. You need a mix of creativity and patience, along with thinking on your feet.



Kadence_KiKiCreates02 Kadence_KiKiCreates04 Kadence_KiKiCreates06 Kadence_KiKiCreates09 Kadence_KiKiCreates10 Kadence_KiKiCreates11 Kadence_KiKiCreates12 Kadence_KiKiCreates13 Kadence_KiKiCreates14 Kadence_KiKiCreates16 Kadence_KiKiCreates18 Kadence_KiKiCreates20 Kadence_KiKiCreates21 Kadence_KiKiCreates22 Kadence_KiKiCreates24 Kadence_KiKiCreates26 Kadence_KiKiCreates27 Kadence_KiKiCreates30 Kadence_KiKiCreates31 Kadence_KiKiCreates33 Kadence_KiKiCreates36 Kadence_KiKiCreates37 Kadence_KiKiCreates38 Kadence_KiKiCreates39 Kadence_KiKiCreates40

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