The Kane’s| Family Session | Jacksonville Beach, Florida | Lifestyle Photographer KiKi Creates

A Great Session for many reasons, besides beautiful beach weather and gorgeous Golden Light, this was my last shoot at my beach studio on 20th South that I have been in for three years. This area was right on the Ocean, provided calm and secluded areas to photograph in, and was always a fun location for kids. It was also The Kane Family’s last night living in Jacksonville Beach, as they moved to Texas the next day. Happy I was able to capture these last moments of sunlight for this fun family embarking on a big new adventure!



TheKaneFamily_KiKiCreates01 TheKaneFamily_KiKiCreates04 TheKaneFamily_KiKiCreates06 TheKaneFamily_KiKiCreates09 TheKaneFamily_KiKiCreates11 TheKaneFamily_KiKiCreates18 TheKaneFamily_KiKiCreates19 TheKaneFamily_KiKiCreates21 TheKaneFamily_KiKiCreates22 TheKaneFamily_KiKiCreates23 TheKaneFamily_KiKiCreates27 TheKaneFamily_KiKiCreates28 TheKaneFamily_KiKiCreates29 TheKaneFamily_KiKiCreates31 TheKaneFamily_KiKiCreates33 TheKaneFamily_KiKiCreates34 TheKaneFamily_KiKiCreates36 TheKaneFamily_KiKiCreates37 TheKaneFamily_KiKiCreates39 TheKaneFamily_KiKiCreates40

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