Tan Man | Happy Workaversary

92190009 copy
Halloween 2014

I think that one of the most rewarding intangible things in our lives is the random amazing connections we make with complete strangers. And what is more amazing than that is when you become friends with these strangers. My stranger is Tanner Deprin. A man of little words, unless you get a few drinks in him. He was almost on his way to becoming a pro surfer, although he would never brag about it. He also would never admit how great of a photographer he is. He is very humble and very funny when you get to know him. He is always 5 minutes early and is always thinking of a new idea on where and how to shoot differently. He is not only my right hand man in business, but he has become a good friend. And today is our 2 year workaversary.

I felt like doing something special for this day. Especially because we have accomplished some amazing thing in the past two years. Things that I never would have thought could have happened that day I met him. He has put up with some craziness when working with me. Over 40 weddings, I don’t even know how many photo booths. Working 11 weekends in a row. Transporting myself and married couples in my little Jeep. Holding my light. Blinding him momentarily during a light test. Drunk people in photo booths. So many drunk people in photo booths. Camera malfunctions, printer malfunctions, car malfunctions. Countless phone calls, texts, emails, tweets (I don’t event have twitter!) about god knows what. And every time, every time. He’s there. With a smile. And some new, awesome idea that will further my company. And then he goes and gets these close up, intimate moments at weddings that I see when I am selecting photographs later. I tell him sometimes I have nightmares that he will leave. Because there is no one else like him. He is the first “employee” I ever had. He is an inspiration, and he anticipates everything right as I think of it, and he truly seems to care. He’s a great guy and I am happy he walked into my life and the lives of all my clients.

I am happy to call you my second, my assistant, my right hand man. But you are really a friend and a great photographer. I just can’t tell clients they are getting a wedding photographer and a friend for their wedding day. But we both know. Happy workaversary. Hope there are many more Tan Man.


Photographing at Monument Rock at Sunrise in Kansas


Testing Light at a Wedding.


Joe Cool.

IMG_9741 copy


Abandoned Ford Factory

Screen shot 2013-12-10 at 4.17.28 PM img017 IMG_9754

image2Carrying 60 mason Jars, light, 50 lb camera bag and a bouquet of flowers for an engagement session.


Barn in Kansas. Road Trip January 2014



Road Trip Polaroids.



Photographing in -10 degree weather.

Stacy&tanman-073Our first site of snow in over 4 years.

Pretty excited that in less than 3 weeks we will be photographing weddings and landscapes in Ireland and Scotland. Another great moment to add to the collection. Yhew!


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