{Baby Charles Newborn Session in Jacksonville Beach | KiKi Creates | Florida}

My Fourth Shoot with the Deel Family was an interesting one to say the least. Beside their eldest getting completely naked on the beach, we actually had the police called on us right at the end of our session. On our very dangerous (I kid) and illegal newborn session. But with how lovely some of these came our of sweet Charles and his big brother William, I am totally fine with a run in with the cops.  Always an exciting session with the Deel’s!


ps. On a Side note we only had the cops called on us because of where we were parked. Not too crazy, I know.

BabyCharles_KiKICreates-001 William is quite the Artist. 🙂

BabyCharles_KiKICreates-004 Grandmas Hands.

BabyCharles_KiKICreates-010  BabyCharles_KiKICreates-013  BabyCharles_KiKICreates-014  BabyCharles_KiKICreates-015  BabyCharles_KiKICreates-018  BabyCharles_KiKICreates-024  BabyCharles_KiKICreates-025Goldfish Breath!

BabyCharles_KiKICreates-027  BabyCharles_KiKICreates-031  BabyCharles_KiKICreates-032  BabyCharles_KiKICreates-036  BabyCharles_KiKICreates-043Mom’s Hands.

  BabyCharles_KiKICreates-044  BabyCharles_KiKICreates-055  BabyCharles_KiKICreates-046  BabyCharles_KiKICreates-060  BabyCharles_KiKICreates-076  BabyCharles_KiKICreates-072Babies First Beach Trip.

BabyCharles_KiKICreates-061  BabyCharles_KiKICreates-080  BabyCharles_KiKICreates-082  BabyCharles_KiKICreates-086 Told You!

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