{Baby Forrest in Downtown Jacksonville| KiKi Creates | Florida}

Baby Forrest. Just the sweetest and most cooperative little man I have ever worked with. Most likely because he has some super cool parents. I photographed Lauren & Bryce’s Wedding earlier this year and was very excited when they asked about a newborn session for their first born. Check out Baby Forrest first trip to the park and probably first time in a basket 🙂 Enjoy!


BabyForrest_KiKiCreates 036

BabyForrest_KiKiCreates 001

BabyForrest_KiKiCreates 003

BabyForrest_KiKiCreates 008

BabyForrest_KiKiCreates 015

BabyForrest_KiKiCreates 017

BabyForrest_KiKiCreates 014

BabyForrest_KiKiCreates 021

BabyForrest_KiKiCreates 023

BabyForrest_KiKiCreates 025

BabyForrest_KiKiCreates 028

BabyForrest_KiKiCreates 031

BabyForrest_KiKiCreates 037

BabyForrest_KiKiCreates 040

BabyForrest_KiKiCreates 041

BabyForrest_KiKiCreates 048

BabyForrest_KiKiCreates 051

BabyForrest_KiKiCreates 057

BabyForrest_KiKiCreates 060

BabyForrest_KiKiCreates 062

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