{Mountain Vow Renewal | KiKi Creates | Crested Butte, Colorado}

I cannot put a solid number together for how many shoots I have done of these two. Between their wedding, Braden on his Dirtbike, Courtney surfing in her wedding dress, Family Sessions with their dogs, Christmas Day…we have just had a lot of fun memories and photos to prove it. So naturally, when I needed a couple to pose for a styled session, I asked the Burton’s. And although it began as a styled shoot with a few Colorado Vendors, it turned into a bit of a vow renewal. Even if that Vow Renewal included Courtney promising not to eat Braden’s French Fries and Braden vowing to order more so she can. Happy I met you two years ago because life is always a little more fun when you guys are around.




Photography and Set Design by: KiKi Creates at www.KiKiCreates.com

Dress by: Simply Bridal at http://www.simplybridal.com/

Flowers by: FIN + ALLY at  http://finallyco.com/

Makeup by: Malia Britton at https://www.facebook.com/malia.britton?fref=ts

Hair by: Heidi Koeman

Photographed in the Beautiful Town of Crested Butte

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