{Baby Nora | Newborn Session in Neptune Beach, Florida | KiKi Creates }

Oh sweet Baby Nora. All of my newborn sessions this year were with girls. Which is an awesome change because I always have years with only boys! I usually photograph around a dozen newborn sessions a year. And they are almost always with clients I have photographed before hand that trust and understand how I work. That is important to me because there is sometimes a lot of stress and definitely tons of time put into newborn sessions. So having a built relationship there with the Mother and Father is pretty huge. Especially because I showed up to this session, immediately started scanning their room and home for places to shoot. And once I found one, was slightly landscaping and moving around pine needles on the side of their home for 10 minutes to create this first photo. But, they knew what they were getting into. For their other child, I had them meet me at sunrise and put him in a baby hammock on the beach.

I get weird at shoots sometimes, I can’t help it. The creativity flows so perfectly if you just do what is in your head and not worry about what others think. And my clients have always loved it.

Newborn session, to me, carry a lot of nostalgia. The first “photo Job” I had before my business, was running a newborn studio in a maternity ward photographing 1-2 day old babies. It taught me a lot about patience and flexibility in photographing people and babies (who run the shoot). Because these sessions are so close to my heart and remind me of where I started, I tend to put a lot of time into them. The basket Nora is sleeping in is made of real flowers and greenery (that I foraged) and took me roughly 2 hours to create. Even though a good majority of my business is photographing weddings, these newborn sessions once a month are great to spark creativity. They give me time to create in a new way, while also incorporating what I already know.

So here is Baby Nora (and her awesome family). My last newborn session of 2016.






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