{Ali & Mark Engagement in Crested Butte | KiKi Creates | Colorado}

It’s been a solid 7 months since I have put together a blog post. Whoopsies. It’s been one of the busiest and most exciting times in my career. With a new location added in Crested Butte, Colorado and a dozen more weddings (than I normally shoot) added this year in Maine, South Dakota, The Keys, Crested Butte, and North Carolina. I have had an amazing year so far with an amazing amount of travel and new relationships and I just have not had the time to get them all together for a post! So, what do I do? Kick blogging back off with this kick ass couple, Ali and Mark.

I’ve been lucky enough to know Ali and Mark since they first started dating a few years ago. Ali was one of my first friends out here in Crested Butte. We actually became quick friends one night over red wine, napkins on our heads, and forks as beards. Yes, it sounds as weird as it is. A few years later, when I met Mark for the first time, I could not stop laughing. He is a funny, light hearted guy that has a very distinct laugh that you can’t miss and always makes you smile. The two of them together are just the sweetest. I feel very special to have gotten to know them so well. They have become yet another couple I have photographed, became friends with, and then visited and lived with them for a bit (Thanks for that by the way guys :)). So here they are, during wildflower season in CB, hugging and twirling in the woods. I hope you enjoy it, because I sure did!
















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