{Megan & Myles Wedding at White Fence Farm| KiKi Creates | Trade, Tennessee}

Megan and Myles are one of those couple that you instantly meet and want to be friends with. Megan has a beautiful smile that seems to never go away, which I was totally fine with. And she’s a red head, so come on, winning. And Myles is a genuine, talented and loving husband to her. I never once had to ask them to smile or kiss. They were so giddy and happy together that it really made my job so easy. I think I caught about a 1,000 moments where one of them is looking off and the other is looking lovingly at them. I know it sounds cheesy, but it is super wonderful to see. Beyond their sweetness, Megan’s Grandma is my new best friend. 🙂 She hugged me a half a dozen times and thanked me for being there at various parts of the day. It may sound like a small gesture, but it really made me feel at home and so comfortable with such wonderful people.

It was also one of the most whimsical and unique weddings I have had the chance to photograph. Myles wore a top hat and held his Grandfathers pocket watch. And let me say he looked like a young , debonair Abraham Lincoln! Megan held loose flowers in her boutique as they were married under a dramatic circus like tent. Then cut their cake topped with T-rex figurines under a wooden barn big enough to fit everyone they love. After their emotional first dances, the band turned down the lights and everyone partied in the Tennessee Mountains. It was a great day!

Enjoy, KiKi













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