{Ariana & Kurtis | Wedding at Seven Falls | KiKi Creates | Colorado Springs, Colorado}

To be apart of only 20 people at someones wedding is a very special thing. Of all the places, people and things in this world, some how your moments along the way lead you to be one of the most important people in someones life. 1 of 20 in attendance to share their most special and thoughtful day. Now that is pretty neat. And out of the sea of photographers they could have chosen to be that person to capture such a sweet and family oriented day, it is pretty darn neat to be picked for that too.

Ariana and Kurtis and their closest family and friends shared a spot under the waterfall at Seven Falls the day after Thanksgiving. Gathered around with no chairs or microphones and using each other to keep warm, they inched closer to hear their teary eyed vows. With their pup at their feet, rings tied around his collar, they held hands underneath the roaring of the falls. So much love and energy it was hard to stay focused and not get swept up in the moment. As they were pronounced husband and wife, everyone put their hands on them in prayer and then they shared a huge hug and kiss.

To follow such a unique and beautiful ceremony was hard. But being a crew of 20 we slowly became the talk of the park. Of course my crazy idea was to have them walk up some 200+ stairs, stand on a platform with no people (on the busiest day of the year), while I ran a half a mile across to another platform and up an elevator to get a shot of the whole waterfall. We had Kurtis on the phone with me kindly asking people to get of the tiny platform and their wedding guests holding people off on the stairs by them and cheering me on over at the other platform while on the phone directing them. I was trying my hardest not to giggle while making the photo but it really was the biggest joint effort to make it happen and it turned out pretty epic! But enough from me! Below is what the Bride told me about her wedding day and be sure to check out the images after! Enjoy! KiKi

From the Bride, Ariana:

“Our wedding was so perfect because it felt like just a gathering of family which is what we wanted. We had the most important people there to celebrate such an important event and we got to do it in one of the most beautiful places in the world. We got to be so relaxed and laid back and just focus on the important things rather then making sure everything was perfect which in the end it really was. We got to really spend the day together and just laugh and really feel all the love that we have for each other.  I honestly cant imagine marrying the love of my life any other way.”




Venue: Seven Falls

Dress: Davids Bridal

Makeup and hair: Done by the bride

Florist: Skyway Creations

Cake: Edelweiss Restaurant

Caterer: Edelweiss Restaurant

Officiant: Erich Michelfelder (father of groom)

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