{Ali&Aaron | Wedding at Waunita Hot Springs | KiKi Creates | Crested Butte, Colorado}

Ali & Aaron’s wedding was truly a labor of love. Their friends and family came together to put on a loving and beautiful spring wedding. I was literally the only vendor there that was not a close friend or related to them. Her mother made her absolutely gorgeous bouquet, her aunt made her vintage looking, adorable cake, friends helped with hair and makeup. A close friend played acoustic guitar during the reception and another officiated the ceremony. The entire wedding even stayed on the property together, sharing a private hot springs and horse ranch all to themselves.

The details of the day were gorgeous, but the most amazing thing was my interaction with Ali and Aaron. I had met them for the first time an hour before their ceremony. Their warmth and overall excitement was contagious. And made me, the only “vendor” of the day, feel like family. They were genuinely kind and spiritual people. During their ceremony they asked their guests to remove their shoes with them. Saying that it would connect them not only to the earth around them but to each other, on a day that was so important and special. After their ceremony, family pictures were filled with a bunch of jokes and goofy poses. Their reception was filled with several speeches from close family and friends on how much they cherish and adore Ali & Aaron, how meant to be they were. The love from their guests was almost never ending and incredibly sweet to hear and be apart of. The cherry on the Sunday is that the song they danced to, one I have never heard at a wedding before, was always one I had dreamt of dancing to on my wedding day. They are two seriously awesome people and I feel so special to be the one to capture such a wonderful day.








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