{Niki&Dan | Elopement at Anastasia Island | KiKi Creates | St.Augustine, Florida}

I wanted to live in Niki & Dan’s day forever. Seriously. Even though there were only 7 of us total, it was a blast to hang out and see two people that have never been to the states, enjoy such an awesome day. Especially with me as the tour guide. They had a ceremony on a secluded beach, kissed each other right as they say each other (couldn’t wait till i dos!), threw pebbles in the ocean with their family and friends after they tied the knot, sipped champagne and enjoyed a gorgeous sunset.

But everything was not perfect from the start! Here is a little something I wrote the day after the wedding about everything up until the ceremony…

Somehow thousands of miles away, Niki and Dan found me. They flew in from Britain to get married on Anastasia. The week they flew in, a huge tropical storm hit Florida. When they arrived to their air Bnb to get ready for their wedding, it wasn’t ready and they had to quickly relocate to a hotel. They booked an Uber to take them to their ceremony, which canceled moments before it was suppose to arrive. Once they got in a car and got half way to the ceremony, they realized they had forgotten the marriage license and had to turn around. It was also dumping rain when they arrived. Feeling helpless watching the radar, a huge gust of wind came in and blew the weather away. Opening up for a bit to take photos on what was now a completely secluded beach. What’s funny is that I’ve had couples break down over the smallest thing when they are getting married a few minutes from their home. But Niki and Dan, thousands of miles from home, having absolutely no idea where or what they were getting into, with what seemed to be everything working against them, were so incredibly happy. Hugging and giving me kisses on the cheek, making jokes, doing an American accent as I tried to do a posh British one. It was like nothing ever happened. I know there is so much that goes on during a wedding day. Whether you have 5 guests or 500. Its an emotional and well thought out day. But if all else fails, remember that you are one of those lucky ones that found someone who loves you rain or shine, Uber or no Uber, marriage certificate or not. You love them and damnit if a tropical storm is going to prevent you from shouting it from a secluded beach and putting a ring on that finger. You guys are seriously “totally awesome” (to be said in a posh American 1990s accent)

Enjoy! KiKi





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