{Jenna&Josh | Engagement at Neptune Beach | KiKi Creates | Neptune Beach, Florida}

I was pretty excited about this shoot when Jenna first approached me. I mean who wouldn’t want to take off on a Monday, pop champagne on the beach and then proceed to jump in the ocean, fully clothed? And then follow it up with another bottle of champagne and an underwater shoot in one of your friends pools? Usually I am sending emails on Monday, so this was a welcomed change.

Jenna and I have been friends for several years. She has seen my style change and ideas go all over and still been so supportive of my work. When you meet Jenna, you can instantly tell she is one of those people that is always smiling and so incredibly kind to others she meets. She would joke that she was excited for me to photograph her engagement, even when she wasn’t engaged. It made me feel so special and excited to one day do that! Then in comes Josh. Sweet, loving Josh that seems to make Jenna smile even more. He was so open to my ideas as well. Especially for not knowing me too well.  Things like, “Throw Jenna in the water fully clothed.” ; “Pop the champagne right over my shoulder.”; and “Hey, I am going to get a picture of your dog taking a #2 right in front of you guys kissing.” didn’t seem to phase him. 🙂 Overall it was one of the most fun engagement shoots I have ever done. And I will let ya just check out the photos. Enjoy!






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