My name is Kara Michelle Lamm and I am a photographer based out of Florida who specializes in Landscape, Architectural, Wedding & Lifestyle Photography, as well as Design. KiKi, a nickname I have had since I was borncarried over to my art almost 8 years ago. The first piece I had ever printed for a show needed to be signed, and signing it as KiKi seemed natural.

I began my love for the arts in high school when my Dad gave me my first camera–his old Minolta MPS X-700. I kept a 50mm f/1.7 lens on it nearly all the time and shot predominately in black and white. I believe that my base for photography will always be with the knowledge I learned using a film camera. Still to this day, I love the art behind film and the dream-like, reminiscent qualities it holds. I think my appreciation for film derives from the fact that everything photo programs and digital technologies have progressed to today, have been inspired by our true film pioneers and film-based camera processes of years ago.

Not only photography, but all arts, progress at a rapid pace nowadays and it can sometimes be overwhelming and hard to express myself creatively when I have so many outlets to use (Hence the creates in KiKiCreates.com). I wanted my portfolio to be very colorful and show how I am capable of showing my talents in various mediums. Although Photography is my favorite medium to work with, I also paint, sculpt, etch, carve, build and pretty much any interesting and new way to put what I see and think in my mind into a visual piece of art.

The art I am currently focusing on is inspired by my love for travel, the ocean, and the people around me. I truly love photographing the things I see and how I see them and I hope to express my deep appreciation for everything I get the chance to photograph. From various locations around the world to the people in my hometown, I deem it all important in my journey as an artist. I believe photography has a very unique way of conveying every sense of exactly how I want to view the world. And, each captured moment has inspired me, even more, to go after what I love and the originality it holds.



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